Site Updates: "Shannen Doherty Central" Brand New Version!
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Hello everybody,

Finally we had reached another level by putting up a simply brand new spanking layout that much different from our previous look. We gone from red,orange and now blue, the site had gone through various of transformation and I simply fall in love with this new look. "Sparkling Sky" truly fitting with the new theme reflects the rain washed thunderstorm, the season we are coming with these days. Hope you will love it as much as I did so enjoy!

Posted on 2012 Apr 03 by Aznor
Gallery Updates: "Shannen Says" iTunes Sneak Peek + "Celebrity House Hunting" Screencaptures!
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Hello everybody,

This was absolutely my favorite part of updates that I have been waiting for such very long time..a show with Shannen and finally I found this great & amazing tv documentary on "Celebrity House Hunting" that featured Shannen hunting homes throughout Beverly Hills & Malibu and she also took time to pay tribute to father, where she talked her relationship with her dad and life without him. Also there is a sneak peek from "Shannen Says" in iTunes that shown a slightly different kind of trailer from the one on television so enjoy all 1000 screen captures finally put online!

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Home > Television Shows > Shannen Says > iTunes Exclusive Sneak Peek
Posted on 2012 Apr 02 by Aznor
New Article: Shannen Doherty greens her home
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Currently in the midst of a remodel, "there are a lot of green aspects to my house that I'm rebuilding," says Shannen Doherty. "We have solar panels, and the water that heats the floor. We're putting in all native California plants. But I might have a few roses. It won't be all cacti," says the former "Beverly Hills 90210" star, whose latest project is "Shannen Says," a WE tv reality series premiering April 3 that chronicles the preparations leading up to her wedding. Doherty married photographer Kurt Iswarienko on Oct. 15, 2011, her third wedding. Doherty admits to having reservations and hesitating before signing up for the eight episode series.

"Why would we do this? I'm an actor, he's a photographer, why are we interesting? What are we bringing to the table?" she considered, before ultimately deciding, "We wanted to work together and we put a team together that made us feel confident about doing the show. And it was a great excuse for me to hang out with my best friend for seven weeks straight. I think we're both happy that we did it, at the end of the day."

There were, however, some ground rules. "We said that no matter what, we wanted the show to be completely honest, true and authentic. We did not want one of those shows that people watch and they roll their eyes at and go, 'Yeah, right, like, that happened. That's a setup' we don't want that. So when there was conflict about schedules or Kurt leaving for a job three weeks before the wedding and I was flipping out about it, you see it."

The couple met almost four years ago, at a photo shoot. "It was love at first sight," says Doherty. "The world sort of stood still for a second. He just instantly felt like my best friend. And I thought, 'this one is going to stick.'"

Although she's older and wiser than she was during her "90210" days, when she was a tabloid fixture for her wild behavior, she's also a realist. "You get older and you don't want to be thought of as this 19-year-old brat. That doesn't mean that I did the show with it in my head that I should change people's perceptions. Haters are still going to hate me. It's not my job to make them feel better about themselves, or like me more," Doherty says.

She's considering a second season of the show, which might cover her efforts to become a country music star and/or open a steakhouse restaurant. "Right now, Kurt and I are both happy with the eight episodes as a documentary of what happens when you decide to get married, and the things all of us face. Men and women are so incredibly different," she muses. "It's about how you find some middle ground to work through problems."

Source: Mother Nature Network
Posted on 2012 Mar 30 by Aznor
Gallery Updates: Interview on CW11 New York Screencaptures!
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Hello everybody,

Here another quick updates for today I have added captures from a Shannen appearance in CW11 New York Morning Show during the promotion on 90210 where her anticipated returning episode was aired. Shannen was absolutely beautiful & bubbly in this interview but however they were in just MQ quality so I hoped it worth sharing. I added over 600+ screen captures from these gorgeous interview segment so head over to the gallery to view the rest & below are the previews..enjoy!

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Posted on 2012 Mar 26 by Aznor
Gallery Updates: More Photoshoots/Outtakes Updates!
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Hello everybody,

Finally finding some time to add all the missing photo sessions of Shannen that I happened to find while browsing over the internet. These were quite rare collection that I have never found elsewhere. Shannen was very stunning in these 4 sets of outtakes from which I had found at a group from Russian which were fortunately in HQ. I also added more promotional images from "Scare Tactics" in HQ so browse around & enjoy!

Home > Photoshoots & Outtakes > Session 019
Home > Photoshoots & Outtakes > Session 020
Home > Photoshoots & Outtakes > Session 021
Home > Photoshoots & Outtakes > Session 022
Home > Television Shows > Scare Tactic > Promos
Posted on 2012 Mar 25 by Aznor
Project Updates: New "Shannen Says" Preview Screencaptures!
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Hello everybody,

Finally, I have added screen captures from latest episode of "Shannen Says" where she was planning for the place to held the grand wedding and truth so Shannen was definitely gorgeous & stunning in the episode and she looked like she never aged. I have added almost 300+ screen captures from these clip although it just a preview! So head over to the gallery to view the rest and below are the exclusive previews!

Home > Television Shows > Shannen Says > Sneak Peek III
Posted on 2012 Mar 23 by Aznor
Gallery Updates: "Celebrity House Hunting" Shannen Doherty Previews!
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Hello everybody,

Finally Biography Channel had aired some previews from Shannen Doherty appearances on her upcoming episode. Shannen was supposed to house-hunt with her family and also the episode let Shannen talked about her career info including her memories of her's 400+ screen captures from these preview episode..enjoy!

After a successful, life-long career on Beverly Hills 90210, and Charmed, Shannen Doherty is ready to fully settle down with her husband of one year, Kurt Iswarienko. The newlyweds set up a temporary home on the Malibu, California waterfront after a home they purchased turned out to be a little more than a fixer upper, but are ready for a more permanent upgrade. Shannen has enlisted the help of her long-time friend, Chris Cortazzo (aka "Mr. Perfect,") in the hopes of finding a new home for herself and her husband. Since she has spent most of her life in Malibu, Shannen keeps it close to home viewing beachfront dream houses and a sprawling ranch where she could keep her horses. Shannen is no stranger to writing large checks for her real estate, but some of these mansions leave Shannen with a case of sticker shock and a bit of uncertainty about her final decision.

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Posted on 2012 Mar 18 by Aznor
Gallery Updates: "Shannen Says" Teaser Trailer Screencaptures + TV Series Promos!
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Hello everybody,

Finally another brand new updates coming our way as I have been browsing over the web for the whole day to search for the uncensored teaser trailer of "Shannen Says" which I had made over 400+ screen captures from it and so much I had found including behind the scene images from "Charmed",deary Shannen was just perfect as Prue she absolutely stunning & gorgeous in the role. I have also added outtakes from "Charmed" including some very rare promo from "Little House" so head over to the gallery to view the rest!

Home > Television Shows > Shannen Says > Trailer Teaser
Home > Television Shows > Charmed > Behind The Scenes
Home > Television Shows > Charmed > Photo Sessions & Outtakes
Home > Television Shows > Others > Little House Promos
Posted on 2012 Mar 16 by Aznor
Projects Updates: Shannen Doherty Heads to Couples Therapy in New Reality Show!
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Shannen Doherty and photographer Kurt Iswarienko made it down the aisle in a black-tie, Malibu, Calif., wedding last October, but the process leading up to their nuptials wasn't always picture-perfect.

In a sneak peek of WE TV's Shannen Says, the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star, 40, gives her fans an inside look into the seven tumultuous weeks leading up to her big day.

Tensions run high for the couple, as Doherty calls Iswarienko profane names in one scene, leading to her say in another clip, "I don't want to fight with you anymore. We're going to a shrink."

The actress who proudly chuckles in agreement when a pal on the show says she has a "b" reputation isn't all about low-blows and one-liners. She also reflects on Nov. 2010 death of her beloved father, John Thomas Doherty.

"I know you miss dad," she says to her teary-eyed mom in one scene. "I miss him, too."

Catch the tears and cheers when Doherty's reality show premieres April 10 at 10 p.m.

Below are the screen captures from a few sneak peek at Shannen Says so head over to the gallery to view the rest!Enjoy!

Home > Television Shows > Shannen Says > Sneak Preview I
Home > Television Shows > Shannen Says > Sneak Preview II - Interview
Posted on 2012 Mar 15 by Aznor
Gallery Updates: Huge Photoshoots + Outtakes Updates!
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Hello everybody,

As promised I have updated our gallery with huge additions from various of Shannen's earlier photo sessions & outtakes which I found quite breathtaking as I might add. So head over to the gallery to view the rest of the images as I have added 50+ images from various photo sessions which available online so below are the previews..enjoy!

Home > Photoshoots & Outtakes > Recent Additions
Posted on 2012 Mar 10 by Aznor

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