The website, Shannen Doherty Central was inspired from a friend who had run a Shannen fansite for almost 2 years before it finally closed and I simply admired her spirit and dedication to the actress and indirectly I had become the site most frequent visitors. And in order to relive that moment as I am also a huge fan of Shannen I decided to create my own dedication to her and years after learning how to design and coded for websites finally I able to come up with the new baby of mine, Shannen Doherty Central. I was also inspired by Shannen journey throughout her life, battling against the bad years that she was going through for so many years and I am truly adored her talents playing in many of my favorite shows especially Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210. Hoping that this site will continue to be running smoothly and thanks to my host Host Empire for giving us a spot to locate with.