Shannen on Howard Stern, Nov. 7th 2003

Shannen= Hi!
Howard= When was the last time I saw you........Like 20 years ago
Shannen= I was listening to you in the morning......back in the 90210 days.
H= 90210 are you?
S= I’m doing really well.
H= 90210.......I was shocked that you left the show.
Robin= Did she leave or was she kicked off.
S= Hi! It was very mutual
H= Let me ask you something......You got a crazy reputation.....your a girl that fight back... You don’t take crap from anyone. Is that true
S= That’s correct
H= When you had the Beverly Hills, 90210 reunion.....
S= Yes.
H= Tori Spelling refuse to appear with you?
S= Not true
H= True
S= Not true.
H= Why wasn’t she there?
S= Her reasons for not being there had nothing to do with me. Something would be devastating.....I can’t say it.
H= Well?
S= I would have to bring Tori on the show. I can’t speak for her. I do know that it had nothing to do with me! I mean everyone talked about it.
H- Are in war with her?
S= Of what?
H= I mean you get along with her now?
S= Absolutely. I just saw her recently.
H= Did Aaron and company that ran 90210, did they badmouth you?
S= I guess. But that’s not her.
H= Are you sorta like mad at her?
S= Absolutely not.......not anymore. You know the great thing is that everything that happened with Mr. Spelling ends up helping me instead of hurting its okay......I saw you on David Letterman.
H- Yeah! How was it?
S=You totally turned it around. You interviewed was your show.
H= You have a reputation of being crazy.
S= Yes, I do.
H= I mean some of it is absurd. Its wild...Like the drunk driving charge..... that’s kind of crazy.
Robin= Its like after all the big hype of 90210......when you showed up at the republican convention.
S= Yes.
R= Which you were introducing....
S= Which made me wild.....I mean come on!
R= But and then you hear another swing “ Oh, she’s at a republican party.......but she’s a wild party girl.”
S= Well you know I am the most honest person. I am more than happy to say what’s true and what’s not true.
H= Why couldn’t you get along with any of the girls from Charmed?
S=I’m sorry.
H= Its seemed like a really good gig.
S= Who said I didn’t get along with any of the girls?
R=Why aren’t you still on that show anymore?
S= Holly Marie Combs and I are like best friends. I got the girl a job.
R= So it was the Who’s the Boss girl that was the problem.
S= Holly and I are totally fine.
H= ( Reading from one of his paper) If she could take back one thing in her life it would be doing the show Charmed. She thought her fellow cast mates were horrible......
S= Who’s quote is that? ( Shannen smirking at the BS and started to laugh)
H= I learned from Charmed, this is “ you” to trust my instincts and my guts not to go along with the BS’s and the Drama that goes along with these young girls. ( Continuing to read on and on with this bogus story. Meanwhile, Shannen is laughing with I “ what the “ face) So you hate Alyssa Milano?
S= No.
H= Let be honest.
S= Do not.
H= You didn’t like working with her?

S= No, there were times when we were great together, there were times we were great, but I think if you stick 3 girls on a show together........3 girls that are all attractive I think there’s tend to be a little drama. 3 is an odd number......There’s always 1 person left out.
H= That’s right.
S= So, if, if somebody was left out then, then there was “ Drama” about it.
H= Who was the biggest star on the show? You or Alyssa Milano?
S= I think we were equal.
H= Equal?
S= Yeah.
H= She was from “ Who’s the boss?”
S= Absolutely
H= And you were from Beverly Hills, 90210.
S= I think we were very equal and I think the dynamics.....that the show wouldn’t have been successful with just me.........It wouldn’t have been successful with just was the combination. And I got to be honest with you, I think Rose Mc Gowan is doing an unbelievably job.
H= But that could have been you doing that unbelievably job.
S= But its not “ For me”
H= But that’s is your show.
R= Why is it that your always the one that leaves?
H= You are the one that leaves.
S= I think that’s good though.....isn’t it good to leave a show on a really high..?
R= Are you independently wealthy?
H= Are you very wealthy?
H= You have enough “ F-you” money?
S= Yeah.
H= You do?
R= All right, then, that’s what we are getting to here.( Shannen laughs.)
You don’t “ need” to work?
S= Right.
R= So you aren’t taking any crap.
S= You know, if I......( Shannen nodding them making a gesture of agreement with Robin) You got it!
H= You didn’t have to take crap......why did you do playboy?
H= Most people do Playboy to start a career.
S= Here’s the truth. I was vacationing in Saint Barts.
H= Right.
S= And everybody is......know it’s “ French” everybody was topless but me, and you actually feel like, you know weird.
H= Why weren’t you topless, were you afraid someone would take a picture?
S= I was afraid someone would take a picture.........( Howard interrupts her...) But.....wait a minute.....could I finish my story.( Howard allows her to finish) I felt awkward. So I finally took off my top, and of course the one time I did, it’s all over the internet.
H= Wow!
S= So, if you can go on the internet on certain websites, and somebody is making money, they pay like $15, you know, to see my breast...why aren’t I making money? Why I profiting from it?
H= Can you get a mill? ( Shannen makes “ Up, Up” motion) More? Right on!
S= I am not allowed to talk about it.
H= Are you saying a million bucks?
S= Uh, it’s a lot......of money and “ back end” too.
H= And “ Back end”?
S= It’s good. It’s good.
H= So when was the last time you hit someone?
S= Uh, 20 years old? It was pretty well known. I was walking out of a club and this girl stood up for absolutely no reason and “ Clocked” me.
H= She punched you?
S= Punched Me and it came out later that she picked fight with Celebrities in order to sue them. Like this is how she pay the bills.
H= Fist fight with Paris Hilton?
S= So not true.
H= Not True?
S= Come on, Howard, If I hit her don’t you think I would left a mark on her. Do I look like the kind of girl that would just “ bitch slap” somebody? ( She laughs. Howard reads more of the things her and Paris did and said and poor Shannen is laughing the whole time.) That’s so trashy? I’m sorry I forgot she’s very classy.
H= So are you saying this is a outright lie.
S= Outright lie.
H= Why did she say these things about you?
S= Why does anyone say anything about anybody?
R= I got a list here...
S= Oh....oh.
H= Your telling me that all this story I’ve been hearing.....
S= I’m not telling you all of them.
H= That you got along with the staff of 90......
S= The staff of 90210?
H= I mean the kids.
S= Some of them, yeah.
H= Which one did you like?
S= Jason Priestly, adorable.....Luke Perry, Tori Spelling.....Brian Austin Green........
H= You like the guys.
S= Jennie Garth on and off.
H= When you were with Rick, then you broke up and he’s goes and
“ Bang “ Paris Hilton while you were married.
S= In correct. They met years before I married Rick. I think he’s a great guy and we are friends.
H= Why did you guys break up?
S= He’s a great guy and we’re friends.
H= Cause he cheated.....
S= No.
H= Did you cheat on him?
R= What’s going on with you and men?
S= Maybe I don’t want to stay married. You fall in get involve with the romance
H= You really shouldn’t be married. Your really not good at it.
S= Right. And that what you were( looking and pointing at him) talking about on David Letterman......some people are great at it and others aren’t.
R= How many times have you been married?
S= Legally, I been married once.
H= (Holds up the paper again and scans through it) In 2003, Shannen reportedly punch Paris Hilton after learning of her affair with Shannen’s former husband, Rick Solomon( Continues to read more about how Shannen was jealous of Paris new show and Shannen, again is laughing at the absurdity of this story.)
S= You know a lot of people get bad rep, but coming from someone like that it is not worth debating. Why would I debate it....I have talents, I am know for.........well I am know for, yes, some of my “ antics”, but also my acting talents and that’s, you know a gift and talent. And that’s what I orginally got famous off of.
H=( Talking about Paris Hilton) Running around in outfits like that.
S= Right and multiple sex tapes , I mean how can I compete with someone like that.



Shannen Doherty Chat Transcript [i] UK Living, July, 14, 1999

Shannen : has entered living chat

90210 : shannen!!!


BonBon : so, what time at UK right now?

BonBon : Shannen, hello!!!

Shannen says to BonBon: Hi there - how are you?

Warlordaz : I managed to make it but with 2 hours sleep.

Shannen : Hello Everyone! I'm here...

Warlordaz : HELLO SHANNEN!!!!

Shannen says to Warlordaz: Hi there...

Alan gently hugs Everyone: Welcome to our world

BonBon : how does this work?

red : When she left 90210 is was never the same

Knight says to Shannen: Hi SHANNEN!

IADMIRESHANNEN : Shannen can we ask you questions?

MYTHE : Hello Shannen!!!!!!!!

Warlordaz : Jada, I made it.

Alan says to Shannen: Is it fun working with Holly Marie and Alyssa on the set of Charmed..?

Shannen says to Alan: Hi there.Yes, it's a lot of fun working with them

BonBon : I'm fine!!

BonBon says to Shannen: Just want to say hi to you from USA here

IADMIRESHANNEN says to Shannen: Have you been approached about a part for Scream 3?

Shannen says to IADMIRESHANNEN: Sorry - I can't say yet!

Warlordaz : Shannen, have you had a chance to check out the Charmed board that's attached to yet?

Shannen says to Warlordaz: Hi - no I haven't had a chance to see it yet. Why do you ask?

Alan says to Shannen: From you name you are of Irish you know the History of your family..?

Shannen says to Alan: Yes I do - there was a Disney movie made about my great-great-great (!) grandmother!

Shannen says to Alan: oops! Grandfather!

BonBon says to Shannen: Did you have a great time working for the tv movie, Satan's School...?

Shannen says to BonBon: Yeah I did - it was great

Warlordaz : You would be surprised at the amount of support you have there!

red : Congratulations on Charmed

90210 says to Shannen: hi shannen - looking good!

Shannen says to 90210: Thanks a lot

Alan says to Shannen: And who was she...????

IADMIRESHANNEN says to Shannen: Are you possibly gonna return for 90210?

Shannen says to IADMIRESHANNEN: No!

Alan says to Shannen: ohh he the

BonBon says to Shannen: Say hi to your horses for me please! :)

Shannen says to BonBon: That's very sweet - I shall.

Warlordaz : When does taping start for Charmed?

Shannen says to Warlordaz: It starts in a week and a half

Knight says to Shannen: Do you have enough time left for riding?

Shannen says to Knight: I do - every weekend!

90210 gently hugs Shannen: shannen - it must feel funny with all of us watching thru the cam! thanks for coming on to chat!

Shannen says to 90210: Thanks - that's a sweet thing to say, and it feels strange!

Alan says to Shannen: Which actor/actress did you like best to play against?

Shannen says to Alan: Winona Ryder was great

chris says to Shannen: do you like england?

Shannen says to chris: Yes - very much!

IADMIRESHANNEN says to Shannen: I seriously agree with you, I don't think you need to go back. I think Prue is really cool

Shannen says to IADMIRESHANNEN: Thanks

BonBon says to Shannen: Many people are very interesting with Prue and Andy. Is it great working with T.W. King?

Shannen says to BonBon: Yes - he's a very serious actor

Warlordaz : Shannen, we appreciate your time you are taking for this. By the way, half the people who showed up are but one-fourth of those who support you on the Charmed message board!

Shannen says to Warlordaz: Thank you - that's kind

90210 laughs with Shannen: shannen - are you hiding from us??

Shannen says to 90210: No I'm not hiding!!!!!!

IADMIRESHANNEN says to Shannen: Shannen, we both knew what happens at the end o the season right? Is that specific aspect going to return next season?

Shannen laughs with IADMIRESHANNEN: What do mean you know - you tell me!!!!

Warlordaz : Shannen, do you have a favorite flower or music group?

Shannen laughs with Warlordaz: Wild flowers, and U2 - how about you?

Alan says to Shannen: Was Wilford Brimley an old camudgen or loveable softie to work with on Our House?

90210 waves to Shannen: shannen could you blow me a kiss!!!

Shannen laughs with 90210: Just for you!

BonBon says to Shannen: I made a Charmed site, and I'm going to design one just for you!

Shannen laughs with BonBon: Well if you do, I promise that I'll visit it!

red : I can't see the webcam - help!

IADMIRESHANNEN says to Shannen: would you ever be in a horror film?

Shannen says to IADMIRESHANNEN: Yes, if I was able to get killed. Something very dramatic and bloody with a knife

red says to 90210: I only have the living logo there!

Shannen says to red: You need to press refresh on your browser!

BonBon says to Shannen: Is this your first time interact with fans this way? Are you having fun? :)

Shannen laughs with BonBon: Yes it is - it's different...!

90210 kisses Shannen on the cheek: *blush*n thanks very much! you've made my day!

Warlordaz : A rare blue rose but my musical tastes vary from rock to classical. My favorite group has to be Stabbing Westward with Garbage and Depeche Mode not far behind.

BonBon says to Shannen: REALLY?! But how do I let you know?

Shannen says to BonBon: Ok - let Living know...

Ris : Hi everyone!

BonBon says to Shannen: I promise I'll make a really great site for you! Alyssa likes my Charmed site, too. :)

Steve says to Shannen: Do you have much input into the storylines for Charmed?

Shannen says to Steve: For the first season not that much, for the second season I should have a lot more

Ris : Actually it's quite strange to talk through a computer all around the world!

Shannen says to Ris: Yes I guess you're right!

Warlordaz gently hugs Everyone: Shannen.

Shannen gently hugs Warlordaz: Yes?

IADMIRESHANNEN says to Shannen: Please don't laugh at this, my father and i have just finished a screenplay and it is about to be shown to writing agents and publicists. If you possibly help me out, you will make 75% of my profit adn have a hte lead role. It was just a suggestion

Shannen says to IADMIRESHANNEN: You should send it to me agent... Steve Small, United Talent Agency, Beverly Hills

jacob : Anybody wish to talk?

Alan says to Shannen: Shannen you said earlier that Disney made a film about you great great grandfather...who was he..???

Shannen says to Alan: It's called 'The Fighting Prince of Donegal'.

Alan says to Shannen: No darby O Gill and the little people...*lol*

BonBon says to Shannen: Your acting is just getting better and you!

Ris : Shannen do u have any film projects right now?

Warlordaz kisses Shannen on the cheek: I've got loads of different ways for to use your telekinesis, Shannen.

Mall says to Shannen: Does Shannen want to work in the UK?

Shannen says to Mall: I wouldn't mind it!

Warlordaz says to Shannen: That ended sounding badly. No innuendo intended.

Shannen says to Warlordaz: Well then - do tell - what?

Ris says to Shannen: How do u feel about beeing on a TV serie again after 90210?

Shannen smiles at Ris: I feel more ready for it now

BonBon says to Shannen: Do you have a mailing address that I can send the info of your fan site to? Just incase Living doesn't pass the message to you.

Shannen smiles at BonBon: It's Ok - Living assure me that they will!

Mall says to Shannen: You can work with me anytime Mrs!

Shannen smiles at Mall: It's very cheeky!!

90210 says to Shannen: Shannon - can you tell us any juicy gossip about your love life??? :)

Shannen smiles at 90210: Well then... what do you want to know..?

Alan says to Shannen: So your tied up with the fight of the Earls and Danny Boy ...Cool

Warlordaz says to Shannen: For the tk, you have force shield, flight, a swarm attack with small objects, etc.

Ris says to Shannen: Isn't a bit freaky on the set with these scary costumes some have?

Shannen laughs with Ris: No!!!! It's only make up!

BonBon says to Shannen: Thanks!! :) You are so sweet.

Shannen gently hugs BonBon: And you are too!

Steve says to Shannen: What are your favourite shows from Charmed.

Shannen says to Steve: There's one where I clone myself - that's cool!

Alan says to Shannen: Have you ever been to Ireland...?

Shannen says to Alan: Yes I have - it was wonderful

red says to Shannen: what was it like working on mallrats?

Shannen says to red: It was a lot of fun, but it was very hectic as all of my dialogue had to be said at a rapid pace

IADMIRESHANNEN smiles at Shannen: do you mind if i have his full address?

Shannen says to IADMIRESHANNEN: Hi there - just mail Living - they'll pass it on to you

BonBon smiles at Shannen: If I ever bump into you in public, will you remember me?

Mall says to Shannen: My family come from Galway in Ireland - go and see them

red says to Shannen: have you ever been riding in Ireland?

Shannen says to red: Yes I have!

90210 laughs with Shannen: well... when did you last have sex... no - i'm kidding!! are you dating at the moment? and who is he?!!

Shannen says to 90210: Yes I am - and it's a secret!

Knight says to Shannen: What have you learned from Michael Landon and how was working with him?

Shannen says to Knight: I learned to always be strong, and he was amazing to work with

Ris says to Shannen: Can u tell me a juicy scoop from the serie because I live in France and I think we're quite late!!!

Shannen says to Ris: One of the cast members dies at the end... not saying who...

red says to Shannen: Do you ever watch 90210 and what do you think about Dylan coming back?

Warlordaz says to Shannen: I think we all liked the episode you cloned yourself. Was it fun doing the different aspects to Prue?

BonBon gently hugs Shannen: I can't help it...I have to hug you and tell you I Love you! Don't worry, I'm straight.

Ris says to Shannen: Which Prue did u like best/ The actual one or one of the clones?

Mar says to Shannen: I heard you were playing in this movie: Satan School For Girls and i would like to know if it will ever come in Switzerland where i live.

Shannen says to Mar: There's always a chance that I would...

BonBon says to Shannen: I chat with Holly one time, and she's very sweet to the fans, too

Alan says to Shannen: Next time you come you must let us know we'll show what the "craic agus ceoil" is really like.

90210 says to Shannen: I am Irish too. if you are short of a date tonight I'll be happy to escort you to a fine restaurant!

Warlordaz gently hugs Shannen: You should know, I've only had 2 hours sleep and I woke up just to talk to you.

Ris says to Shannen: Have u ever been to Paris?

Warlordaz smiles at Shannen: Don't choke on the water.

red says to Shannen: Is it hardwork being back on a long-running series

Shannen says to red: Yes - but it's also quite a bit of fun

IADMIRESHANNEN smiles at Shannen: when is Satan's School For Girls going to show and what are upcoming projects?

Alan says to Shannen: What do you look for in a relationship, physically, mentally, and spiritually

Shannen says to Alan: I could write a whole essay about that!

BonBon says to Shannen: I'm the oldest kid in my house, so seeing you playing Prue I feel closer to you. :)

Shannen says to BonBon: thank you!

BonBon says to Shannen: Do you have names for your lovely horses?

Mar says to Shannen: i read that if there were going to be a movie about president Clinton's affair -they said you would be perfect to play Monica. How do you feel about that?

Shannen says to Mar: I feel that it's a direct insult!!

90210 says to Shannen: shannen, can I just say that you are GORGEOUS

Shannen smiles at 90210: Thanks!!!

Warlordaz says to Shannen: Have you ever been to

Shannen says to Warlordaz: No I've never been there - sorry!

Ris says to Shannen: How is it working with Allyssa? She seems so sweet and funny!!!

Shannen says to Ris: She is sweet and funny!

Alan says to Shannen: Couldn't we all...*G*

Ris says to Shannen: Do u go out much or does your work take much of your time?

Shannen says to Ris: Work and my horses take all of my time!!

Mr says to Shannen: HEllo ..have to admit i didnt come in to see you but thought i would say hello any way

Shannen smiles at Mr: *Frown*!!!!!

Steve says to Shannen: Alyssa has an official internet web site ... ever considered doing the same?

Shannen smiles at Steve: Yes - I just can't find a good person to do one

Warlordaz says to Shannen: It's a good site. You should go there and check out the Charmed message board!

Mar smiles at Shannen: Do you speak french?

red says to Shannen: how long are you staying in London?

Shannen says to red: I leave tomorrow

BonBon says to Shannen: Too bad I don't have a cam to see you. :(

Warlordaz kisses Shannen on the cheek: Look at that beautiful smile!

Shannen says to Warlordaz: Thank you - that's the one thing that I dislike about myelf!!!

Ris says to Shannen: If u could choose 1 of the 3 powers the Halliwell's have which one would it be?

Shannen says to Ris: None of them!

BonBon says to Shannen: I think your hairstyle is great now, don't cut it too short.

Shannen says to BonBon: Thanks - for you I won't!

MYTHE says privately to BonBon: Just click in the image that it's in the corner

Mar agrees with Shannen: Yes, but i'm always waiting for a movie you're playing in, to come play in Switzerland.

IADMIRESHANNEN smiles at Shannen: do you have e-mail?

Shannen says to IADMIRESHANNEN: I'm afraid that I'm completely computer illiterate! I only use my computer to play games - Diablo is my favourite!!!

BonBon says to MYTHE: OH! Stupid me!

Alan says to Shannen: Acting like you where from a young age do you consider yourself a role model for a whole generation of young people...

Shannen says to Alan: I hope not!!! Because I live my life for myself! If I can do good, I'll certainly try!!

Warlordaz gently hugs Shannen: Why? Your smile is beautiful. I particularly like your eyes though.

Ris says to Shannen: Why is that? Don't u think it would be quite fun to have one without having to kill the bad guys?

BonBon says to Shannen: You look so great!

angell : Hi, Shannen! Could you describe a typical day on the Charmed set?

red says to Shannen: Do you get used to men drooling over you like all the men logged in here!!

IADMIRESHANNEN laughs with Shannen: i love that game

Steve says to Alan: Are you asking the questions from my web site?

Knight gently hugs Shannen: I'm shivering and speechless in your present!!!

Shannen laughs with Knight: Wow!!!!

BonBon says to Shannen: If I do a good job on your fan site, will you let it be official? I'll do it for free!

Shannen laughs with BonBon: You can try!!!!

Warlordaz says to Shannen: Are you a gaming fiend? Do you play any games besides Diablo?

Shannen laughs with Warlordaz: Yes I play games on playstation

Alan says to Steve: No

90210 says to Knight: i know how you feel

Ris says to Shannen: Why have u come to London, work or vacations?

Shannen says to Ris: Work!!

BonBon says to Shannen: Alyssa and her webmaster will let my Charmed site be official

IADMIRESHANNEN laughs with Shannen: Have you ever been on Celebrity Death Match?

Shannen says to IADMIRESHANNEN: No!!!!

Warlordaz says to Jada: Guess who made it!

angell says to Jada: Hi, JAda! So you finally got in, eh?

Mall says to Shannen: Any plans to come up to Manchester? It's lovely

Shannen laughs with Mall: Next time!!

Warlordaz says to Shannen: Anything in particular for the Playstation? Do you play any role-playing games?

red says to Shannen: what actors or actresses would you like to work with?

Shannen says to red: Paul Newman..!

BonBon says to Shannen: I will try hard just for you!

90210 says to Shannen: shannen, can you give us a twirl??

Steve says to Shannen: How much fan mail do you get? Do you answer it?

Shannen says to Steve: I get quite a bit, and yes I try to answer it

angell says to Shannen: Hi, Shannen! I must say I'm a big fan of yours! JUst out of curiousity, If you could choose to have one of the powers on chance, what would it be and why?

angell says to Shannen: Oops, I'm sorry, I meant one of the powers on Charmed.

IADMIRESHANNEN smiles at Shannen: Were you in Forever Young with Mel Gibson?

Shannen says to IADMIRESHANNEN: No!

Mall says to Shannen: What did you think of the American girls soccer team success?

Shannen laughs with Mall: I think it was brilliant!!!

Mr laughs with Shannen: aww dont frown you look so much prettier when you smile

Shannen laughs with Mr: Ok then!!!

Ris says to Shannen: I work in this shop in London which sell lots bags, notebooks, .. made out of cambodian silk in all vibrant colors... I'm sure you'd love them... If u wanna pop in111

Shannen laughs with Ris: Thanks - I haven't got enough time though

BonBon says to Shannen: what do you like the most?

Shannen laughs with BonBon: Out of what!!!!????

angell says to Shannen: What are the names of your two horses?

Shannen laughs with angell: It's 3 horses - Louisito, Samourzakan, Alberto

red says to Shannen: Is it weird talking about the first episode of Charmed when you did it in the US so long ago?

Shannen laughs with red: Yes it's very strange!

Alan says to Shannen: what do you think of Charmed and do you think it will carry on for a few series...?

Shannen says to Alan: I hope so

Warlordaz says to Shannen: My apologies in my haste, plus sleep deprivation, I forgot. What's your favorite flower again?

IADMIRESHANNEN smiles at Shannen: what is your next project?

BonBon says to Shannen: Your favorite things that you treasure for lives...

Ris gently hugs Shannen: You're so sweet!!!

Shannen says to Ris: And you are too!

red says to Shannen: Do you think you will ever shake the 'Brenda' tag?

Mar says to Shannen: Are they starting to shoot the 2nd season of Charmed? Are there going to be any changes?

Shannen says to Mar: We start shooting in a week and a half, and yes there will be...!

Mall says to Shannen: I'm a part-time magician and I need a girl to saw in half - are you up for it?

Shannen says to Mall: Of course - I love being sawn in half - can we do it in the morning though..! That's how I like to start my day

Ris says to Shannen: It's a pity though that the weather is bad 4 your last day here.

Shannen says to Ris: I like this sort of weather - it's always sunny in LA

Steve says to Shannen: If you could interview any celebrity who would it be?

Shannen says to Steve: Somebody who was dead. Katherine Hepburn anyway alive or dead!!!

Alan says to Shannen: Me...too it's quite fun....tell us are you in anyway mystical in real life...?

Shannen says to Alan: I would say that I'm spiritual...

Mall nudges Shannen: whoo hoo!

BonBon says to Shannen: Do you guys get junk food on the set? All three of you are so skinny!

Warlordaz says to Shannen: Those of us on the Charmed board know that Piper gets a nightclub. Is there anything else we should know? Please?

Shannen says to Warlordaz: Nothing else that I can tell you!!

red says to Shannen: Have you studied acting at all?

Shannen says to red: Yes I have

IADMIRESHANNEN smiles at Shannen: Yeah what can you tell us about season 2?

Ris says to Shannen: Something is really strange about this chat , all of us chatting to u know exactly how u look as in we know who we're speaking to whereas 4 u we are total strangers with no specific faces

Shannen says to Ris: I guess that is a little strange

red says to Shannen: Is there anything about being famous that you don't like

Shannen says to red: Yes - the lack of privacy

90210 says to Ris: i have a specific face

90210 says to red: good question

Ris says to Shannen: Do u travel a lot? Have u ever been to Asia like Vietnam, or Burma?

Shannen says to Ris: I've never been to those places

Warlordaz laughs with Shannen: I saw a interview where you said that there were no good solid restaurants in Los Angeles. Have you ever been to Phoenix, Az?

Shannen says to Warlordaz: Why? Do you know of any!!???

Mar says to Shannen: Which episode did you enjoy shooting the most?

90210 says to Shannen: shannen - please give us a twirl... !!

Steve says to Shannen: Have you furthered your ambitions on the Music front? I really enjoyed "Friends til the End" and so did a lot of other people.

Shannen says to Steve: No! I'm a horrible singer - no-one should ever have to hear my voice

IADMIRESHANNEN smiles at Shannen: my girlfriend dumped me because she said all I can do is talk about Shannen Doherty

Shannen says to IADMIRESHANNEN: I'm sorry! Believe me I'm not worth it - talk less of me!!

BonBon says to Shannen: You did really good in "Which Prue Is It Anyway" My mother thinks you were great!

Ris says to Shannen: Have u already shooted the 90210 episode where u are supposed to appear again?

IADMIRESHANNEN smiles at Shannen: don't worry I am not obsessive

angell says to Shannen: I thought you were really great in "Which Prue is it Anyway", too!

Shannen says to angell: Where did you see it!?

Warlordaz laughs with Shannen: There many restaurants here that rock but my father's cooking is still the best. All my friends keep wanting to come over for dinner. I have a list of good places in Az just for you.

Mall says to Shannen: the girl with me doesn't believe its really you - shove your face in the camera for her please!

Shannen says to Mall: It is me!!

90210 says to Shannen: yes - could we have a close up please

Warlordaz kisses Shannen on the cheek: Yet another reason, I think your so cool. Modesty!

IADMIRESHANNEN smiles at Shannen: what was your favorite seen in Mallrats- I think it is funny when Ethan Suplee says "Brenda?" and you yell "DICK!"

Shannen says to IADMIRESHANNEN: Yeah, that was a good one!

red says to Shannen: Which piece of work are you most proud of?

Shannen says to red: Heathers

Alan gently hugs Shannen: Shannen I'd just like to say's been fun and a pleasure

Shannen gently hugs Alan: A hug for you too!

Knight smiles at Shannen: Your voice sounds great in Friends till the end!

BonBon says to Shannen: Can you say hi to Holly and Alyssa for me please?


red says to Shannen: Thank you shannen for doing this! And thank you to living for showing Charmed !

Shannen gently hugs red: Thank you!!

Warlordaz gently hugs Shannen: I second what Alan says. We all appreciate you taking time out for this.

Shannen gently hugs Warlordaz: Thanks - you've been great

ShadyGroves says to Shannen: I'm sorry I came in late for this chat. I just want you to know Shannen that you highly RoCk in my book and my Charmed site has a shrine solely devoted to you. :)

Shannen gently hugs ShadyGroves: Thanks!

angell says to Shannen: Yes, we really appreciate it! ;D

Steve says to Shannen: You cant sing!.... Not what the hundreds of people who pester me about getting the videos or a CD of you, say at my web site

Warlordaz says to Shannen: You look so serious. Can we get a smile? Or at least a smirk?

red gently hugs Shannen: You rock!

Ris says to Shannen: Are u OK over there? I mean are they treating as u should be as being in a comfortable chair, getting the drink u want...?

BonBon says to Shannen: You are wonderful and we all love you here

MYTHE says to Shannen: Yeah, thanx for being here, even if I didn't say a word, it was a pleasure being in the same chatroom as you

Knight smiles at Shannen: Shannen, thanks for being here. I Iove you

Warlordaz laughs with Shannen: THERE WE GO! Made my day.

IADMIRESHANNEN smiles at Shannen: will you give me a kiss please?!!!

90210 says to Shannen: shannen - i missed the close up - one more please!! :)

Shannen gently hugs Everyone: You've all been so great! Thanks a lot for chatting with me!

Mar says to Shannen: U R #1

Warlordaz says to Shannen: Are you leaving now?

Ris smiles at Shannen: It made my day aswell

Steve says to Shannen: Thank you ... you made our day

Ris smiles at Shannen: Is it already time up?

Alan says to Shannen: Made Mine too...nearly my year...*g*

Shannen : I have to go now - be sure to catch me on Charmed on Living - Mondays 8:40!!!

Warlordaz shouts to Shannen: I think I speak for everyone: WE LOVE YOU

IADMIRESHANNEN smiles at Shannen: I'll send you thast script

90210 says to Shannen: bye gorgeous!

MYTHE says to Shannen: Love u alot

ShadyGroves says to Shannen: I don't know if you already answered this question but I just wanted to know if you will ever make a cameo on the Official Boards at Holly Marie Combs Official Site?

Shannen : You're all sweet - I love you guys too - thanks SO much - bye!!!

Ris smiles at Shannen: Lots of love from Paris!!!!

Shannen : Has left Living Chat




Teen Star in Treatment; Interview With Shannen Doherty


BEHAR: Miss Shannen Doherty played a bad girl on "Beverly Hills 90210," a witch in "Charmed" and now is she`s a badass which she explains in her new book, "Badass: A Hard-earned Guide to Living Life with Style and Right Attitude".

Welcome to the show, Shannen.


BEHAR: You know, previous to this segment we were talking about bullying.


BEHAR: And it`s a hideous thing.

DOHERTY: It is hideous.

BEHAR: And in your book you talk about the abuse you took online from people who said some very hurtful things about you. Why do you read that crap?

DOHERTY: I don`t read it anymore. Just because it -- it -- it would tear me up. It tore my self-esteem down so low it was insane.


DOHERTY: And you read it and you believe it and you take it to heart. And eventually you just have to say, I -- I can`t read any of it. I can`t read the good, I can`t read the bad.

BEHAR: That`s right.

DOHERTY: All that I can do is be happy with who I am. And you know - - the -- the people who want to put you down, it`s their own issue.

BEHAR: And they`re out there.

DOHERTY: It`s their problem. It`s -- it`s -- it`s their insecurity with themselves.

BEHAR: Right.

DOHERTY: Maybe they don`t like how they look. It makes them feel better to put somebody else down.

BEHAR: That`s right.

DOHERTY: And in truth it`s what? You know 13 to 50 people`s opinions out of how many millions and millions and millions in the world?

BEHAR: The ones who are negative actually do more of the writing.

DOHERTY: Of course.


DOHERTY: Well, because usually the ones who have something positive to say are too busy living an actual life.

BEHAR: Yes. Good point.

That phrase, get a life, is one of the best phrases of the 20th century.

DOHERTY: Get a life. Yes, it is?

BEHAR: Let`s talk about "Badass".

DOHERTY: That should be the name of your book.

BEHAR: Get a life. I like it. Ok. And you -- top Badasses in your book --


BEHAR: By the way before we get to that. I would -- I have to --


DOHERTY: Did you see your name? It was number 11.

BEHAR: Am I in here?

DOHERTY: And they cut it because they said I could only have ten.

BEHAR: So who did that?

DOHERTY: You weren`t -- Random House. You should really take it up with them.

BEHAR: They have got some (EXPLETIVE DELETED) damn nerve over at Random House. I like Hyperion better. So there, you know, I happened to turn to this lovely poem that you wrote when you were seven years old.

DOHERTY: Oh, wow.

BEHAR: Listen to these guys. She says, but I want to just read a little bit of "I feel the rocks under my feet and the wet sand oozing between my toes". I guess you were on the beach. Yes, "When I`m at the beach, I feel God`s presence as I walk on the wild side." You were seven years old and you were a badass already.

DOHERTY: Seven years old, when I was predicting my life at seven. Wow. Self-fulfilling prophecy right there.

BEHAR: You`re walking on the wild. Wow, yes. Can you remember what you were thinking in the 2nd grade? And you won 1st price by the way.

DOHERTY: I did. I do remember I was living in Palace Radiance Estate (ph) at the time we had just moved -- moved to California from Tennessee. And there was this poetry contest at my school. And I was down on the beach at Mali Coco (ph) walking and it was -- my parents and I always went to the beach. We lived right there.

And -- and I was like, mommy, I have -- I have my poem. And I -- you know, I sat down and started saying all of these things. My mom was like, ok, I`ve got some crazy kid. It`s amazing.

BEHAR: Did they put you on medication after that?

DOHERTY: Immediately. Immediately and then I went off when I was 19 and we all know what happened after that.

BEHAR: Yes we did. We do -- we don`t have to rehash all of that. Read the book.

DOHERTY: Exactly.

BEHAR: But in the book you do mention some top badasses.


BEHAR: The ones that didn`t get cut off the list.


BEHAR: By Random House.

DOHERTY: But you`re in the second book. Yes.

BEHAR: Oh my "Badass 2".

DOHERTY: There are like chapters on you.

BEHAR: You have Madonna, Angelina, Lucille Ball, Drew Barrymore, Oprah Winfrey, Sandra Bullock, Katherine Hepburn, Tina Fey and Reese Witherspoon. Oh I adore her she`s such a great little actress.

DOHERTY: A classy girl.

BEHAR: I love her.


BEHAR: So what do these women have in common?

DOHERTY: Well, I think that they -- they -- they have an inner strength that you can see in all of them. There is a confidence, there is a strength; but there`s also, you know, a sense of humor and there`s also sort of this -- it`s -- it`s like they`re in on it constantly. They -- they -- they know what they`re doing. And they don`t take themselves too seriously. What -- what they do is just a job. And they enjoy life and embrace it and are compassionate.

BEHAR: Right.

I think Angelina takes herself seriously.

DOHERTY: I mean --


DOHERTY: -- I think she probably takes her --

BEHAR: And Madonna she was on the --

DOHERTY: -- humanitarian work very, very seriously.

Madonna is a badass because that is the longest -- one of the longest running careers ever; to be relevant for that long of a period of time --

BEHAR: I know.

DOHERTY: -- to constantly evolve, change.

BEHAR: She wins them constantly.

DOHERTY: She wins it`s amazing to me.

BEHAR: Yes, she`s like Thomas Edison.

I like your helpful tips in here also. I like how you get out of a speeding ticket. What did you -- tell me what you tell the cops?

DOHERTY: Well, I mean, if I was really speeding and I -- I really needed out of the ticket I would look at him and be like, I have diarrhea. I have to get home.

BEHAR: Does that work with the LAPD? Ok.

DOHERTY: Sometimes. On occasion it has worked. You know, honesty also has worked, too. I have to be honest.

BEHAR: I see, yes.

DOHERTY: I`m just turning to them and saying, I -- you know what, I`m an idiot.

BEHAR: You`re an idiot. Ok.

DOHERTY: I`m an idiot, just call me an idiot. And -- and they -- I think cops respect honesty, but they also respect a sense of humor. So when you turn the diarrhea line out, it -- it -- it can work.


DOHERTY: My mom is going to be like -- I cannot believe you were talking about that on CNN with Joy.

BEHAR: Oh -- oh so much.

DOHERTY: Like that`s great.

BEHAR: It`s fun. Let`s see. I only have a minute left in the segment, but I want to know. You said that commitment is not for everybody. Now, you`ve been married twice to -- to -- for a short period - -

DOHERTY: Well, technically once. I was annulled so --

BEHAR: Which one was annulled -- you were married to Rick Solomon --

DOHERTY: The second one was annulled. Rick.

BEHAR: Rick was annulled.


BEHAR: He`s the one who made the sex tape with Paris Hilton. Did you ever see that?

DOHERTY: That`s what he is famous for, yes.

BEHAR: Did you ever see the tape?

DOHERTY: I watched about a minute of it and not by choice. It was -- I actually flew into New York to do press for something else and I got asked about the tape and I had no idea about it. And I was sort of bombarded with this and was clueless and a publicist at the time took me aside and said, "I have it. Do you want to see it?" And I was like, what. she was like, I really think you should see it. And I -- I maybe watched ten seconds and got instantly ill. And --

BEHAR: What made you sick? The acrobatics?

DOHERTY: I -- I think the two people starring in it might have had something to do with it. And at the time --

BEHAR: It`s not exactly -- yes --

DOHERTY: -- it`s not exactly what you want to see.

BEHAR: It`s not George Clooney and Angelina Jolie.

DOHERTY: Right. Right.

BEHAR: It`s these two.

That was not right what he did. He did that behind her back, too.

DOHERTY: There are two sides to every story. I`m not defending him for anything in the world, but there`s always two sides.

BEHAR: There`s always two sides.

All right. We`re going to have more with the lovely Shannen Doherty in a minute.


BEHAR: I`m back with Shannen Doherty. You know, I have twitter questions for you. Your fans are out there, your legions of fans. Number one question, "Would you pose for "Playboy" again, please?"

DOHERTY: Please? No, I wouldn`t.

BEHAR: You wouldn`t do it again?


BEHAR: How old were you when you did that?

DOHERTY: The first time I did it I actually didn`t know I was doing it. It was for a coffee table book and then I showed up on the cover. I was like, huh, that`s interesting. I guess I should get paid.

BEHAR: What do you mean photo for a coffee table book?

DOHERTY: It was for a coffee table book and all the money was going to AIDS. I thought it was for a really good cause. And then it ended up being in "Playboy". And I was a little flabbergasted by that, needless to say.


DOHERTY: And then the second time I did it and because I got to pick my photographer and the paycheck was great. I`m not going to lie. It looked like to me "Italian Vogue". You saw less in my "Playboy" than you do in "Italian Vogue".

BEHAR: You don`t want to do it again?


BEHAR: Why not?

DOHERTY: Well, I`m older.

BEHAR: So what? You could pull it off. Do the words "air brushing" ring a bell?

DOHERTY: Yes. But you know, it`s always scary when somebody doesn`t air brush you.

BEHAR: Well, they always air brush. Those girls are not so perfect.

DOHERTY: True. But you know what? I`m now at the age where I want kids and I want kids sooner rather than later. I would rather that be a little bit further in the past in my children`s lives than in the present.

BEHAR: Do you have a guy or a sperm donor?

DOHERTY: I do. Both.

BEHAR: I like when they are both in one package.

DOHERTY: Yes. It`s good. Oh, was it supposed to be in one package?

BEHAR: So much more convenient.

DOHERTY: He`s right over there actually.

BEHAR: Is he?

DOHERTY: He`s like, uh, yes, one package.

BEHAR: Come over here. Let`s see who he is.

DOHERTY: Like, I`m not going on TV.

BEHAR: Everyone wants to see what you look like. He looks like a lumberjack.

All right. Plastic surgery, would you ever consider it?


BEHAR: You would. Of course.

DOHERTY: Maybe eventually yes. Maybe I would. You know maybe a tummy tuck after I`ve had, you know, four kids and I can`t lose the weight.

BEHAR: Four?

DOHERTY: Or three.

BEHAR: Are you ready for that, sperm donor?

DOHERTY: He wants six. That`s scary.

BEHAR: He wants six.

DOHERTY: My brother has seven. So I think maybe they`re trying to compete or something. Yes.

I think that there is a time and a place for everything. To me, there is something slightly unnatural about it. And I would never mess with my face.


DOHERTY: Because this is me --

BEHAR: Botox, nothing?

DOHERTY: Not yet.

BEHAR: Not yet.

DOHERTY: Maybe. Maybe.

BEHAR: Believe me. You will.

DOHERTY: Yes. Of course.

BEHAR: It comes to all of us.

DOHERTY: Yes. It`s there. I have had people suggest that I get it.

BEHAR: Now? No, no. You`re perfect now.

DOHERTY: I just ignore it.

BEHAR: You should ignore. You`re beautiful. You don`t need it right now. Do you still talk with your ex-husbands?


BEHAR: One of them was annulled. Rick Solomon, we know what a jerk he is.

DOHERTY: Right. No. There is no reason to stay in touch.

BEHAR: And what about the son of George Hamilton? You were married to him?

DOHERTY: Yes, I mean super short. I was incredibly young. I don`t - - we don`t know each other. We didn`t know each other then much less now. That`s usually the case.

BEHAR: All right, Shannen. Was this fun for you?

DOHERTY: It was really fun. I was like, oh, it`s CNN, it`s going to be so serious.

BEHAR: Oh, please, this is HLN. This is news & views, baby.

DOHERTY: I love it. I`m here whenever you need an extra desk. Somebody drops out. I`m here in my sweats.

BEHAR: Thank you. The book is called "Badass".

We`re back in a minute.